5 Best Free Cloud Storages
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5 Best Free Cloud Storages

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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive
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After Apple iCloud and Google Drive, there is another strong competitor in cloud storage, that is, Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive has a rich feature set with support for online office app. OneDrive is deeply integrated with Window 10 and Office 365.

Microsoft’s online backup and syncing service offers syncing and access apps not only for PCs, but also for Macs, Androids, iOS, and Xbox. There has seamless integration with Microsoft Office as well.


  • Well integrated with different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10.
  • Perfect Integration with Office 365 and Outlook.com.
  • Storage is encrypted with SSL protection.
  • You can access your files, folders and photos offline as well.


  • 5GB of limited storage. For more storage, you need Microsoft’s subscription.

Google Drive

Google Drive
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Google Drive will give you 15GB of free space. But there is a catch– that is, this free space will include space of your Gmail account and Google Photos. Google Drive offers apps with offline capabilities for Windows and macOS computers, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Google Drive comprises of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and office suites that permit editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms and more.

There is also a paid plan for Google Drive, called Google One. You can get storage capacity ranging from 100 gigabytes to 30 terabytes with Google One paid plan.

There are different storage plans offered by Google.

Google Storage Plan
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  • 15GB of free storage space is good enough for a normal user.
  • Integration with third-party apps. You can get these apps from Chrome Web Store.
  • Files up to 5TB in size can be uploaded to Google Drive, as long as, there are not converted to Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.


  • Not a good web interface.
  • Having trouble sharing documents with users that do not have a Gmail account.
  • It gets slow with heavy file size.


drop box
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DropBox is in third place on our list. DropBox creates a special folder on user’s computers, whose contents are synchronized DropBox’s server, and other devices, where DropBox is installed. It keeps the same file up-to-date across all the devices.

DropBox offers 2GB of free storage with a basic plan. Dropbox paid plan offers a lot of other features like storage up to 1 terabyte, including additional sharing, and remote wipe. A User can download DropBox desktop app as well as the mobile app.


  • DropBox makes file-sharing and group file-sharing features far easier than other file-sharing application.
  • Files are always synced on all platform, and available on user’s desktops and mobile devices.


  • Basic plan offers only 2 GB of free storage. For more storage, the user has to go for premium plans.
  • Minor drawback is their customer support. They can be contacted only via email.


Media Fire
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MediaFire will offer you 10GB of free storage space and it can be increased up to 50GB with activities like installing mobile or desktop clients, or when sharing on social media.

To make sure your files downloaded fast and smoothly, they provide unlimited and fast bandwidth for downloading files no matter how big is your file.

Once files and folders are uploaded, they are ready to be shared immediately. You can share your files through email, on your website, social media, messenger, or anywhere with a link.

Blazing fast upload of hundreds or thousands of files and folders at once through any web browser or with any mobile app.

Controlled way of file sharing. You can share a file using a free One-Time Link and your recipient won’t e able to share the link with anyone else.


  • Lot of free space
  • Unlimited download bandwidth
  • One-Time Link sharing of files
  • Blazing fast uploading of files and folders at once


  • Ads on free downloads
  • Very few options in free version as compared to paid version.
  • Lack of PC sync client


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pCloud is the last but not least in this race. pCloud offers secure and easy-to-use service that lets you store up to 10GB of free storage space. pCloud offers two special features. These are:

1. Lifetime Subscription

You can get pCloud lifetime subscription by paying a nominal one-time payment without any annual or monthly renewal fees.

2. pCloud Crypto

pCloud provides best data security, where you can choose to lock your files with encryption on your device before uploading for storage.


  • Provides strong backup, in case you lose your data due to virus, corruption, or any error.
  • They provide top-class data security with encryption for your sensitive files.
  • Easier File Management, it is available on all desktop and mobile platform.
  • With Auto-Sync, all files will be updated effortlessly.
  • Store your files from other online platform with ease. You can exchange data from Google Drive or DropBox. You can exchange it with social media like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.
  • pCloud has good user-friendly mobile app.


  • For pCloud Crypto, you have to pay additional price.
  • No collaboration tools


I would like to share another detailed article about Android Cloud Backup. I hope you will enjoy this article as well.

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