Fresh releases of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac and TypeScript 3.2

Fresh releases of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac and TypeScript 3.2

Microsoft released fresh version of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac and TypeScript 3.2. Let’s have a quick look at these releases.

TypeScript 3.2

TypeScript 3.2 release is here.

TypeScript is a language that brings static type-checking to JavaScript, so that you can catch issues before you run your code or even before you save your file.

The benefit of any strongly typed languages is that, you can type-safely deal with variables. For example, if you try to add a number and a text string would cause a strongly typed compiler to show up an error, but in vanilla JavaScript would just spit out a string, which may not have been the intent.

Check out below link to learn more about TypeScript.

These are the new features of TypeScript 3.2.

  • TypeScript 3.2 introduces support for large integers via the primitive type bigint. Now, TypeScript will warn you, if you try to mix number and bigint types.
  • TypeScript 3.2 introduces stricter checking for bind, call, and apply.
  • TypeScript 3.2 can now produces suggestions for most of the variables and parameters that would have been reported as having implicit any types and a quick fix to automatically infer the type.
  • Now, in TypeScript 3.2, some parameters no longer accept null, or accept something a bit more specific based on the type.
  • Improving formatting, TypeScript 3.2 can now smartly format several different constructs.
  • wheelDeltaX, wheelDelta, and wheelDeltaZ have all been removed in TypeScript 3.2, as they are deprecated properties on WheelEvents.

Find more details about TypeScript 3.2 release:

Visual Studio 2017

Below are just a few of the new features in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.7.

  • Visual Studio for Mac IDE, will now allows developers to target the likes of Android, iOS, tvOS and watchOS, as well as Mac desktop apps.
  • If you want to try latest ASP.NET Core features, you can now work with .NET Core 2.2-based projects in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. To work with .Net Core 2.2, you have to install .Net Core 2.2 Preview SDK, and then you can accomplish all the tasks you can currently do with with .NET Core 2.1.
  • These are the few improvements in ASP.NET Core 2.2:
    • Routing with parameter transformers
    • A new built-in service for link generation
    • A health-check service for Entity Framework DBContexts
    • Data model validation system improvement
    • Faster HTTP client
  • Smart Indenting, more lightbulbs and improved IntelliSense with brace completion. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.7 has number of IntelliSense improvements. Most of the updated improvements includes quick fix suggestions as well as the “lightbulb” experience.
  • In latest release, when there are suggested fixes, there will be an icon next to the line number, which indicates the type of fix available like a lightbulb for a suggestion or a lightbulb with an error symbol for an error, or a wrench for refactoring options and suggestions.
  • There are also several improvements to brace-matching and smart indenting in this release.
  • There is Azure function 2.0 support. This release of Visual Studio for Mac will have now support for the latest version of Azure Functions. With version 2.0 of Azure Functions, you now have access to a portable, cross-platform host runtime, which increases the flexibility of your Azure Function deployment.
  • Visual Studio  2017 for Mac provides you a wonderful macOS development environment for all your Azure Functions needs.
  • Visual Studio 2017 for Mac has improved the build performance for Xamarin.Android projects. Now, developer will have  improved deployment and build times, whether it’s the first build or the fiftieth. You will notice in your projects an average of a four second decrease in incremental build times.

Find more details here :

  • Sometimes you want to publish your ASP.NET projects elsewhere, instead of Azure cloud. This release introduces a new publishing destination: a folder! Now you can publish to any folder or any network drive, and either run the page locally or host it anywhere you like.

Find more details about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac:

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