Getting Started With Docker

Getting Started With Docker

In the previous blog Docker Introduction With Its Architecture And Components I wrote about Docker, its architecture and components. Here in this small blog, I will show you how to install Docker on your macOS machine. It is a very straightforward process and can be done without any hassle. Let’s get started with Docker.

Docker Installation for various OS

Here is the Docker installation link for various OS systems.

Docker Installation

Docker Installation on macOS

I am going to setup Docker on my macOS. So, here is the link for installing Docker on macOS.

Docker Installation for macOS

This link will redirect you to Docker Desktop for Mac page, where it will ask you to login to download.

Docker setup

After clicking on Please Login to Download, it will redirect to Docker login screen. If you already have login detail, you can login and proceed. Here, as I don’t have any login for Docker, So I am clicking on Create Account button.

After creating your account in Docker, it will show Get Docker button now on same page.

Docker setup for macOS

After clicking on Get Docker, it will start downloading docker installation file docker.dmg. Once this file is downloaded, click on this setup file. It will open following screen.

docker installation

Launch Docker

Once it is successfully installed, click on Docker app icon.

docker on macOS

Once you click on Docker app icon, it will launch Docker Desktop.

docker welcome screen

You are prompted to authorize with your system password after you launch it. Privileged access is needed to install networking components and links to the Docker apps.

After it is installed successfully, it will launch Docker app like below.

Docker on macOS desktop

Once you log in into the Docker app, it will show you following screen.

docker running in macOS

Congratulations! You are up and running with Docker Desktop for Mac.

Check Docker Version

Open Command-line terminal, and type this command:

docker version

It will display following details about your installed Docker.

docker version
Run docker version

Hello World from Docker

Run hello world command in your terminal as well.

docker run hello-world

Run docker run hello-world

In the next blog, I will bring more knowledgable contents on Docker. Getting docker on a mac is really very easy.

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