JavaScript Fundamentals Every Beginner Should Know
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JavaScript Fundamentals Every Beginner Should Know


We are going to learn various Javascript fundamentals that every javascript developer should know. This blog is basically for any JavaScript beginners. JavaScript is an interpreted language.

JavaScript Fundamentals

Moving forward, let’s see, what are the JavaScript fundamentals. These are:

  • In JavaScript, everything is an Object.
  • JavaScript is Case Sensitive. FirstName and Firstname, are two different variables.
  • Learn how to declare and assign values of variables.
  • Learn the difference between Value Types and Reference Types, and how to assign values to them.
  • Understand the difference between == and === in JavaScript.
  • Learn about JavaScript Type Operators. typeof and instanceof are two type operators.
  • Understand the difference between Undefined and Null.
  • Learn about Primitive and Complex Data in JavaScript.
  • Understand Functions, function invocation, passing and returning values in and out from them.
  • Learn different types of Operators in JavaScript. These are Arithmetic, Assignment, String, Comparison, Logical, Type and Bitwise operators.
  • Understand JavaScript Objects. Learn Object Definition, Object Properties, Accessing Object Properties, and Object Methods.
  • Learn about implicit typing, explicit typing, nominal typing, structural and duck typing.
  • Understand the this keyword in JavaScript.
  • Learn about JavaScript Array. Understand how to create them and use them. Learn about different types of Array Properties and Methods.
  • Understand JavaScript Array Iteration Methods. Learn about these methods:
  1. Array.forEach(): forEach() method calls a function once for each array element.
  2. map() method creates a new array by performing a function on each array element.
  3. Array.filter(): filter() method creates a new array with array elements that passes a test.
  4. Array.reduce(): reduce() method runs a function on each array element to produce (reduce it to) a single value.
  5. Array.reduceRight(): reduceRight() method runs a function on each array element to produce (reduce it to) to a single value.
  6. Array.every(): every() method checks if all array values pass a test.
  7. Array.some(): some() method checks if some array values pass a test.
  8. Array.indexOf(): indexOf() search an array for an element value and returns its position.
  9. Array.lastIndexOf(): lastIndexOf() is the same as indexOf(), but searches from the end of the array.
  10. Array.find(): find() method returns the value of the first array element that passes a test function.
  11. Array.findIndex(): findIndex() method returns the index of the first array element that passes a test function.
  • Understand JavaScript Dates. Learn different kinds of Dates formats. Understand Get & Set Date methods.
  • Understand different kinds of Loops in JavaScript. These are the loops:

for, for/in, while and do/while

  • Understand JavaScript Function Scope. Learn about Local Scope and Global Scope.
  • Understand JavaScript Hoisting. This is the JavaScript’s default behavior of moving any declaration on the top.
  • Understand what is “use strict“.


So, in this blog, we learned about few basics things that a JavaScript beginner should know. These are very fundamental concepts of JavaScript.

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