Remove An Item From The Array Using JavaScript Splice()
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Remove An Item From The Array Using JavaScript Splice()

One of the common operations with an array is removing the item. We will learn about how to remove an item from an array using JavaScript Splice() function.

But before that, let me introduce you to Splice() function in JavaScript.

Splice() Introduction

Splice() is a JavaScript built-in method to play with an array. The splice() function can add or remove an item from an array. Thus changing the original array.

Splice() function Syntax

Splice() Parameters

Starting Index

Splice() function will start from here. Keep in mind, an array index start from 0.

Also, if starting_index is greater than the length of the array. Then the splice() function will start from the ending index.

If it is negative, in this case, it will begin that many elements from the end of the array.

For example, with origin -1, meaning -n is the index of the nth last element. Thus it is equal to the index of array.length – n.


This is the count of elements in the array to remove from starting_index.

No element removes, if it is 0 or negative. To remove any element, at least you should use any count here.


Here, you can add the list of items in the array. Since, our purpose is to remove the items from the array, we can omit this parameter. This is an optional parameter.This is not required for delete operation.

Splice() Return Value

The splice() function will return an array containing the deleted items.

Below are the examples demonstrating the splice() function in JavaScript.

Removing an item from index 1

removing an item from index 1 using splice() function

Removing 2 items from index 1

removing 2 items from index 1 using splice()

Remove all items from index 1

remove all items

Remove and insert an item on index 1 when count is 0 (zero)

remove and inserting an item

Note that, we passed 0 in count parameter. That means, no item will remove from the array. It will insert new item on the same index position of 1.

Remove and insert an item on index 1 when count is 1 (zero)

Let’s repeat the above example with count 1 in the second parameter of splice() function. As a result, it will remove and then insert an item in the same position. In other words, it is replacing the item.

remove and inserting an item on index 1


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